Sunday, June 27, 2010

Busy as a beaver and other tidbits

I may not be as regular with my blog postings as I have hoped to be. This last month's posts have been a little erratic. I have a ton of work to get ready for later on in the year. And as I mentioned before, that is all that I will say for now. On top of that we will be having company for about three weeks in July. I am looking forward to seeing our daughter as well as seeing our son Mike's girl friend. In the meantime the house has to be tidied, cleaned and a few areas painted.

Two weeks ago I sold some of my vintage items at a collectables and antiques show. I did well with my sales. I had my eyes on two pairs of Victorian walking boots and fortunately bought them at the end of the show. They are going to be used in two separate pieces.

This is the black pair. Resting on the boots are two spindles that I purchased from an antiques and collectables shop close by. Two more pieces will incorporate these beautiful spindles. I must be off. I will post when I can.