Monday, October 19, 2009

Welcome to our "Pirate Sale"!

Here it is, I can't believe that it has finally started. Sorry for being late. Minor problems kept coming up.

Black Cat is swooshing his sword about and ocassionally jabbing me all the while saying stuff like "Me heartys" and "Shiver me timbers". Jack is over at the pirate "booty" eating it. We decided that, actually they decided that it would be more fun to have candy instead of pieces of eight. We now have pieces of eat.

Remember to leave a comment for 1 chance in the draw. Join my merry band of followers on the right and you will have 2 chances in the draw. Post a link to my sale on your blog and let me know for 4 chances in the draw.

Click on this link to have a look at what is for sale.

Email me with your orders. I do have paypal and can accept credit cards through it. Send me your address and postal or zip code. I will combine items to give you the best postal rate.

Black Cat says to buy lots because he wants to get a better pirate costume. He didn't like the hat that I made for him. I'm sorry about his rudeness, he isn't really. He lives in the moment and speaks his mind. He really is a lot of fun.