Sunday, July 5, 2009

Socks on a Mexican blanket

There was a low tide at 8:30 yesterday morning so my wife and I went down to the beach for breakfast. I burn, so yes, I was wearing long pants, a long sleeve shirt, and shoes. I took my shoes off and liked the colour of the Mexican blanket and my H & M socks. I sat there and took about 8 pictures of my feet on the blanket.

This is my favourite picture. I did crop it to just zero in on the checkered pattern of the socks and the bold colour of the stripes.

I don't just take pictures of my feet. These are the latest set of Hallowe'en candy container ornaments that I am working on. There is a cats head, assorted squash, pumpkins and gourds, a moon, a mushroom head, an acorn head, an apple, a crow, and an owl. I am looking forward to seeing the finished pieces. All of these are hollow and will hold candies, chocolates for those with a more refined pallette or non-edible treats. I have trimmed them and now they are drying. I must get going as I have work to do.